Welcome to the Colorado Hawking Club! "Dedicated to the preservation of an ancient art in the modern world."
The Purpose of the Colorado Hawking Club is to: Increase Knowledge Concerning Raptors. Promote Wise Conservation of Raptors. Work to assure that those participating in falconry conduct themselves in accordance with traditionally high ethical standards of the art. Extend to the CPW cooperation, assistance and recommendations for effective establishment of programs affecting raptors & falconry. Encourage and assist in captive breeding of raptors for use in falconry. Provide communication among and disseminate information to interested persons, club members and licensed falconers. Falconry is a time honored sport dating back centuries and is still practiced today by a small handful of skilled and dedicated individuals. It is a passion among its practitioners and the Colorado Hawking Club is a place where those who share in that passion can come together. The primary purpose of this web site is to aid in the communication and education of its general membership. You will also find pages that are intended for the general public containing general information about the sport of falconry, contact information and a few pointers if you are interested in becoming a falconer.